Wow, where to start. Well I got POD\'s originally for the first time to simply – John B Koch email address

Dave Gierent sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. - email address that said:

Wow, where to start.

Well I got PODs originally for the first time to simply the move from one residence to another. In that time I have experienced the following caused directly by PODs

1. $845.25 in unauthorized billings from PODs on errors or system issues. Was advised my file was corrupted somehow and twice, two PODs that had nothing to do with my account were charged.

2. Called about cancelling a pickup of a POD on September 11, 2017 for next day, September 12, 2017, confirmed through Edmonton office of this cancellation. POD was picked up September 12, 2017 anyways when nothing was prepared for pickup (properly secured)

3. Charged for POD that shouldnt have been taken to be redelivered to original location

4. Charged rush for POD that shouldnt have been picked up September 12, 2017

5. Called by driver September 18, 2017 confirming delivery of POD where order and arrangement was to pick up POD that day (final day in house). My order had a total of 2 PODs.

6. October 2, 2017, first day at new residence, original driver confirmed delivery of one POD, inquired about other POD that was supposed to be delivered. Said maybe another driver is handling that one . No other POD delivered.

7. Had to arrange delivery of POD (which I had to have the tag number on, as it wasnt on the system) that should have been delivered October 2, 2017. Advised to first pick up POD on property and later in day drop off other POD that wasnt delivered.

8. October 4, 2017. Pick up complete, no drop off called Edmonton location

9. More confusion in order, says that container to be picked up had confusing messages from container that was dropped off so the one the prior day that was clear was being delivered was now having nothing happen.

10. Spoke to Alex at Edmonton office, very nice man. Did say sorry and said would work to resolve this issue, did advise have had many issues with PODs but didnt want to go into it.

Its just highly frustrating that so many mistakes have been made, all the errors I have to catch, I have to articulate, and then they get resolved. Spending time on the phone while also working full time, taking days off to unload things and having things be incomplete. More time spent to articulate them, sometimes same information twice in a 24 hour period before its properly actioned. Everyone I have dealt with in both the Florida office and Edmonton office have been very nice and genuine but it seems that something is highly wrong with communication and also billing which has plagued my file for my entire brief period as a customer. Respecting your position for wanting the company to be viable and prosperous I felt compelled to articulate my case. This right now is a pretty rotten story but the end hasnt be written yet, give you an opportunity to provide some input.

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