@YamahaMotoGP – Hiroyuki Yanagi – Hello Mr. Hidaka, Hope you?re healthy. I have a problem with Yamaha Turkey and their

Can Serdar sent a message to Hiroyuki Yanagi that said:

Hello Mr. Hidaka,
Hope you’re healthy.

I have a problem with Yamaha Turkey and their distributors in turkey. And i think after reading this text you’ll find me right.

For the last week i contacted every yamaha dealer in Turkey to buy your legendary MT-07 motorcycle. But they all told me that they didnt have it. After a while i heard that dealers are stocking up all high value bikes for the incoming raise in price in mid-june. So they’ll be buying the bike cheaper and sell it with additional raise wich will make them more money. And this is verified by one of my friends who works in a Yamaha dealership as a service personal.

As i call Yamaha Turkey. They told me that they Dont know which dealer has which bikes and they dosnt take any action.

So is this attitude with dealerships trying to make customers pay much more and earn more money. And stocking the bikes to wait for prices to get higher is really approved by Yamaha ?

Will you take any action for this ?

I’d be glad if i recieve an answer for my problem. Thanks.

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