@YamahaMotoGP – Hiroyuki Yanagi – Hi! My name is Nikita and I?m a 20 year old female medical student living

Nikita sent a message to Hiroyuki Yanagi that said:


My name is Nikita and I’m a 20 year old female medical student living in Brisbane, Australia. I would really love a dirt bike, I’ve ridden them a few times and always had the most fun and so many of my friends go riding, but I simply can’t afford one while putting myself through university (my family doesn’t have enough money to help me). I know this is a really silly request, and even if this does get to someone high up you’ll probably ignore it but it’s worth a shot, right? Sometimes big companies have spare display models lying around or ones that don’t come out of the factory right, don’t they?

If you have found the time to read this in your busy schedule, I thought I may as well try my chance at asking if maybe you’d donate one of your amazing machines to me. I know this is silly asking and I’m just writing an email to myself right now, but if I never ask I’ll know, right? I just really would love one so much but I have 7 years left in school so I’ll never get the chance to save for one. Plus, once I graduate it’ll be a whole new story of being an adult so I don’t even know if I would ever get the time.

If you want, I can even pay you back once I graduate and have a real job! Yubikiri! (google told me that meant pinky promise so I hope it was right).

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have an amazing day!

Kind regards,

A desperate student (Nikita)

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