@YamahaMotoGP – Takuya Nakata – Bad experience with aftersales service from @yamahamusikid @yamahamusicindonesia We are having problem with our piano

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Bad experience with aftersales service from @yamahamusikid @yamahamusicindonesia

We are having problem with our piano, on Monday (May 14) I called them for service schedule. Call was received by a lady who claimed that she is not the PIC for scheduling, but she will forward my request to the PIC and he will contact me to fix the schedule. So I wait the whole day..... and nobody called from Yamaha.

The next day (May 15), I decided to visit the office to meet with the PIC. Yes, he got my info, unfortunately he missed to call me back the other day. Then he told me that my schedule will be on Monday (May 21)! When I confronted him about the waiting time, another employee chuckled and said "You're lucky, usually the waiting time is 2 weeks". I was so disappointed and pointed out to them that they should not be proud of the long waiting time. Being a Japanese company and a world brand, Yamaha should be able to deliver faster solution for the customers.

In the afternoon they called me and informed that they move my schedule to Thursday (May 17) around 2pm and promised that they will call before arriving at my house so I can tell my wife to wait for them.

Today, at 2pm the manager called me and said "Pak, my technician came to your house and your mother-in-law said there is no request for service. So he went back to office".

They missed (again) to confirm me before they arrive at my place, as they promised. And the technician didn't even have the courtesy to call me. What kind of SOP do you have in Yamaha? The technician doesn't have handphone? He can't find my phone number in the work order?

And now, I'm back to my original schedule, Monday (May 21).

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