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Francisco sent a message to Takuya Nakata that said:

Hello good morning / afternoon / night, because I don't know what time and shift this E-mail will be read by the recipient.
My name is Francisco I am Brazilian and I am 26 years old, first please ask that this message be delivered / forwarded directly to the recipient Yamaha Director and representative, Mr. Tayuka Nakata.
I have read a little about the history of this sensational Multinational since its foundation (1887) through Mr. Torakusu Yamaha's incredible machine skills to the present day. Congratulations on having made and continue to be part of the lives of thousands of people and being number one in the field of music equipment, electronics and more.
The purpose of this message is to say that I have the dream of being a singer, but at the moment I am only a composer and still sing my own songs in an “amateur” way. This taste of music has been discovered recently and I have in my heart that regardless of the obstacles that will come is this splendid area of ​​life that I want to follow. Even in those few months that I found myself for music I already have 5 authorial musicals that I modestly consider good.
I am from a humble family, I have no father only I have God and my Mother for me, I always worked to help at home. I know I have a lot to learn yet but I also know if I have the right tool at hand, the progression will be right at the right time. The tool I refer to is a music keyboard (which I still only have access to via youtube videos). I see on a musical keyboard several opportunities to start laying the groundwork for my productions because it is a super versatile instrument that offers us many possibilities of tones, pads, tones of other musical instruments, rhythms etc. No doubt that would be magnificent !
I know it may be inconvenient to be using this medium to write this, taking up your busy time, but I am sending you this message Mr. Tayuka Nakata to ask you to generously, if possible, present me with a music Keyboard because At the moment it is difficult for me to raise money to buy this instrument because I am unemployed and under current circumstances it is difficult to get a job.
To conclude this message, I say that just as Yamaha makes every effort to satisfy its customers and contribute to the enriched styles of people, I hope that you open your heart and generously make this donation to me.
As digital technologies accelerate and AI and IOT technologies progress please enable me to take the first step in this music business so that I can achieve my medium and long term dreams as well.
I know Yamaha does its utmost to serve all types of customers. Right now one of your customers who is in need of a product is me, but unfortunately at the moment I can't afford it, but I know for sure that a donation of such a product is practically nothing compared to the great financial return you have, but for a person like me it is the beginning of a dream, a story and learning.
I can't pay you today, but in the future I'll be able to repay you with a private show for You hahaha, but surely God will have already repaid you twice for helping me.
So that's it, I hope you read this message! These are humble words but full of dreams, creativity, expectations and lifestyle.

God keep blessing You and all your Team.

NOTE: If the recipient of this E-mail is in fact responsible for indirect or direct communication to Mr. Takuya Nakata, please be sure to find the way to hand it to him.

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