you folks at the top have no idea how bad it is for the little – Barbara Rentler email address

richard sent a message to Barbara Rentler - Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores - Email Address that said:

you folks at the top have no idea how bad it is for the little people that actually make you scum bags money,your employees are treated like shit,managers try to over ride dr.notes,under schedule and micro manage stores so poorly that customers loudly complain about it,EVERY single Ross store I have been in is way to hot,uncomfortable heat for shopping in,you folks start paying out at minimum wage is not going to get you great staff,just shows you all could care less,and hiring people for almost as much as a person who has been with the company for more than 20 years is horrible,you folks do not take care of your employees,99% I have talked to say they hate it at Ross,I wonder why,Low pay,shity hours,shity bosss that are rude.You have a very unfortunate problem that Im sure you could care less about,as long as the bank account keeps filling up right?Its sad to see corporate companies do this but that is how it is I guess.Just know that some really good hard working employees are leaving and have left because how bad it truly is,Then district managers do nothing when they are told the problems,so what does that make for,HORRIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT,Just read up on some google reviews,folks hate it,But like i said as long as the dollar signs keep racking up,all is good for you folks.

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