Your bottom line isn’t as fat as it could be and disgruntled employees are – Barbara Rentler email address

Anthony sent a message to Barbara Rentler – Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores – Email Address that said:

Your bottom line isn’t as fat as it could be and disgruntled employees are weakening it every day. As you very well know, employees with low job satisfaction, personal problems, doubts, and fears can negatively affect your company. Such employees typically lack motivation, perform poorly and possess negative attitudes. Their symptoms negatively affect their health, promote absenteeism, destroy morale, and threaten company growth. If that’s not bad enough, what ails these employees is contagious! Every day, without fail, they share their disappointments and resentments with fellow employees, infecting them in hourly doses with what will surely destroy morale, create cliques, and decrease performance.
There are many ways to resolve mediocrity, stagnant production, and morale issues but the most effective panacea for what ails the workforce is: anonymity and curiosity.
Being anonymous emboldens people: it’s like wearing an immunity mask or being bulletproof. When no one knows who you are, you feel free to tell it like it is without fear of retaliation. The ideal platform where employees will be able to freely express themselves will be a Hey, John column on the company’s Intranet, run by me, an independent third party. Those needing help or who have something to say will do so because they are anonymously bulletproof. Curiosity, in the form of captivating headlines, will attract all others who will want to read and be a part of the process. Moreover, the company will benefit from employee’s perspective and, as a result, management will find out something it never expected and someone will be helped in a way that you never expected and, as a result of both or either, your company will change for the better!

If the idea of resolving known and unknown company issues that plague your workforce and stagnate progress, while eating at your bottom line, interests you, then climb out of the box and give something as simple as a column a chance: faster than a social media posting, more powerful than a thousand surveys, able to leap over trouble in a single posting; Look, it’s a meeting, it’s a reprimand, no, it’s Hey, John a simple column doing super things!

I’d like to discuss the possibility of setting up the column on your Intranet. When can we talk?

I await your response.



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