Your company never ceases to impress me with both the video and audio quality of your – Kevin Tsujihara email address

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Dear Mr. Tsujihara:

Your company never ceases to impress me with both the video and audio quality of your blu ray releases. In particular, you show a great deal of respect for older classic films when it comes to releasing them on blu ray and a studio that honors its history is one that is certainly worthy of the highest respect in my book. I write to you today both as a die hard Superman fan and to make an inquiry, but first I'm afraid I must give some background so please bear with me. As you are no doubt a very busy man, I will try to be brief. I was recently staying with a close family friend in the capacity of caretaker. He is an elderly gentleman who never made the switch to digital so he and I watched several of his VHS tapes. Browsing through some videotapes I found a tape he had recorded on. The label said simply "Superman". You can imagine my excitement upon discovering a personal favorite film in his collection. The tape had tv station logos in the bottom corner and (based on the commercials) it seemed to have been recorded several years ago. To this date I thought I had seen every version of "Superman: The Movie" (1978) that ever existed, but this was different. I saw a great deal of material that was neither in the theatrical or extended cuts of the movie that I saw on dvd and blu ray. Intrigued, when I got home later I did some research and discovered that there was a 188 min. cut of "Superman: The Movie" that aired on station KCOP in Los Angeles (where he used to live). Apparently this cut of the film was created by Alexander Salkind's company. The reason I write to you today is to ask if you are aware of this and if you think a widescreen or even a less degraded or more cleaned up 4:3 format version of this film could be attainable for future release from Warner Brothers. I'm sure there are a lot of Superman fans who would love to see the material (even if only as separate deleted scenes on a future release) and I know I'd buy.



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