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Good Day Sir,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Talbot and my 10 year old son was a visitor to a Taco Bell at 8671 Ulmerton Rd in Largo Florida last week. What was going on inside is beyond believable. I have never seen/heard of such biologically unstable conditions in any food business in my 35 years as a chef/GM/health and safety inspector. My son entered with my mother in law whom was not as keen to what was going on as I waited in the vehicle. After using the urinal my son went to wash his hands and he observed the "fuck you" smeared across the mirror with feces. There was an odor as well as crumpled TP on the sink with the same distinctive coloring. When he left the restroom to complain there were 2 employees arguing about who had to clean up the mess after there co-worker. My son was offered a lemonade for his troubles. Here is the way I see it. Your management team was aware of the situation, were aware it was a employee who vandalized the area and no one took action. This is a imminent health hazard. The area should have been closed and sterilized. Approximately 4 hours after visiting this establishment my son became violently ill. It could have been a coincidence and it could have been psychological. It passed quickly with no need for medical attention. I am expecting a response on how you are going to remedy this situation and how you are going to make this up to my son. As a auditor/inspector I travel a lot for business as well as pleasure with family and sometimes you just want to stop for a chalupa and get back on the highway. We will again but not at this particular restaurant. I will be in the Largo area doing a safety and corporate compliance check on a different food service facility and am going to check in on this restaurant. I hope there is no need to escalate this conversation. One of the things I have taught to clients is that no matter how bad a situation is there is always a chance for redemption. Sometimes people are not trained properly therefore do not have the tools to execute tasks safely and properly. Whether it be Servsafe, Allergen awareness, corporate SOP's, etc. This is why I personally spend so much time with my clients teaching and testing proper practices. The cost of 1 outbreak is easily 6 figures an usually more as well as almost always being preventable I will be sending this letter to others within your organization just to make sure it is received in a timely manner. The most important issue here is preventing a pathogen outbreak at your facility. I look forward to your response.

Thank you!!!

Jason Talbot
Northampton, MA

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