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Yvette Huggins sent a message to Greg Creed that said:

I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR MR. GREG CREED & I would appreciate if someone could tell me how I might best contact him with my idea.

I recently read an article proclaiming Mr. Creed as one of the most creative & innovative CEO's in the history of fast food. With much respect for such an impressive position in the industry, I would like to offer an idea of my own to Mr. Creed. As of this writing and to the best of my researched knowledge, no one else has brought forth this idea as an offering for the menu for Taco Bell.

Everyone knows that Taco Bell is a #1 choice amongst "Night Owl's," especially those famished club goers; post venue closing.
My idea, however, will offer diners the opportunity to enjoy Taco Bell's menu in a much different way; either by in-house dining or as take away fare. I am BEYOND confident that this idea will serve to satisfy not only the palates of the "cravers" of the expansive, notoriously satisfying, Taco Bell menu, but it will MORE than satisfy the "bottom lines." Those being the ones related specifically to the interests of, not only Mr. Creed; CEO, but also the charge of CFO. Mainly, for what the "F" stands for in the latter acronym, in the interests of the Taco Bell and ALL involved in the franchise in general.

This idea would be, not only unique to Taco Bell but it would eliminate THE most common reason that certain "other" restaurants are chosen by "other" types of clientele. My idea would bring something more to the menu than just a new, "addictive," savory food item. This idea will also serve to eliminate THE MAIN reason why other restaurants are chosen in lieu of Taco Bell, at certain times of day/night.

Please contact me anytime.
While this idea would work at a few other restaurants, I truly feel it would best serve Taco Bell; where its purpose would be utalized with the utmost efficacy, over other franchises & restaurants.
It's at LEAST worth a 10 minute discussion. Think of it like fast food....Luckily, we ALL have 10 minutes, especially when we can get exactly what it is we want most, in such a short and practically effortless period of time.

I am, sincerely,

Yvette H.
Charlotte, NC
Trained chef & wedding cake designer.

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