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I have a complaint and am contemplating filing charges against one of the managers at a Pizza Hut in Buffalo NY. I am a 56 year old disabled woman who frequents pizza hut once a week with my 2 grandaughters who are 1 and 2. We go to this same pizza hut and always go for the lunch buffet. We have the same server her name is Danine. We have been doing this for more than 2 years. I am telling you this because I want to be clear that I have never had a problem, nor do I have an attitude problem. We just came from Pizza Hut and I am still fuming. I had ordered my drink which was an unsweetened tea with strawberry flavor. I order this every time. When I asked this server whom I did not know since we went for dinner, for a refill she told me she would have to charge me for the refill . I told her I never pay for refills she insisted. so I said no. She asked if I wanted water I said no. We finished dinner. And my son-in-law took the 2 girls to the car and my daughter and I stayed to pay. When we went up a man came to take our bill. His name was Gary. I asked him what the cost was for an unsweetened tea with strawberry because on my receipt I was charged for a strawberry lemonade with extra strawberry. He got rather snippy and said listen this is what you owe, you were charged right. I said Im asking what the charge is for unsweetened tea with strawbeery? He started yelling at me loudly and said listen you gave her a hard time and you came up here with an attitude. I said no I did not all I asked was for a price of something, you started yelling at me and everyone here can hear you. He said well Im the manager this is what you owe so are you gonna pay or should I call the police? I said sure go ahead and call them. I did not say i wasnt paying I asked for a price and you have my credit card in your hand. So by this time another older gentleman came over and asked my question. I told him my concern, he said that I should have been offered an unsweetened tea and just paid for the flavor. I told him I was not offered that. In the meantime this man who kept saying im the manager came back in my face and said yes she told you. I said Im not talking to you im done with you, he said ueah well so im the manager! My daughter at this point says to me Mom its just Pizza Hut. He then screams at her and aggressively comes to the counter and says what?? what did you say??? SHe said im not talking to you im talking to my mother. He says well Ill just got kump into my 55,000 car so hows that for pizza hut??? We then were handed our receipt by the other worker and left. This all took place in front of the entire restaurant. He was beligerent, threatening, disrespectful, confronting, and completely way off base. Never in my life have I ever encountered someone that represents a company and trademark treat a customer this way!!!! And I truly believe it was done intentional because after I told the server Joann that I never pay extra and that I did not want anything, she went over and talked to him for several minutes. When we got our receipt it was a changed receipt, which means he went in and changed the charges on it. We never ordered anything extra so the only thing that was changed was the drink order in question. Which means he chanegd it deliberately and then when we came up to pay he came from the back to cash us out. Looking to get get nasty. Im sure there is a video of this whole thing happening because it was right at the register. If this is what you want your company to be represented by so be it, but I needed to let you know this. I am planning on calling our local news about this and the BBB. I am also going to contacy an attorney because of his threats of calling police. Everyone in the place heard this making them believe we were refusing to pay!!! It was humiliating.

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