@yumbrands – Greg Creed – Mr. Creed., I am sorry to have to go right to the top with this

Richard Kinney sent a message to Greg Creed that said:

Mr. Creed., I am sorry to have to go right to the top with this complaint but I feel it requires immediate introversion from outside management.
Thank you for your time.
Richard Kinney 469 877 9982 rekinney@yahoo.com
Red Oak Texas 034585 Order 350510 5-23-2018 6pm I was told that calling corporate didn't matter because they are a franchise location. GO FIGURE THE ATTITUDE EXPLAINED.
She refunded me cash laying it on the counter and not even apologizing for my troubles.
. When fast food people screw up its as if it doesn't matter. simply return it for food or refund.
We ordered items from both Long John Silvers and Taco Bell. We received what we thought was the food we ordered. We drove 8 miles home only to find that we didn't get any Taco Bell items zero and the LJS meals both had the wrong sides... I called to speak with the manager Dia or Dea. She started LAUGHING yes i said LAUGHING during my explaining what had happened. I did ask her "what the hell she was laughing at" that offended her.
. I went to the store with the LJS food for a full refund. Dia/Dea was still going on about how this wasn't her problem she didn't screw up my order. There was another female in a plaid shirt in the back of the kitchen who that Dia/Dea was seeking direction from. Her response was "just stop messing with him and give him his refund" There is clearly a problem at this location with management. If a manager conducts themselves with customers as these two did the hourly staff clearly cant learn the correct corporate culture...
. Not Once did anyone say sorry for your inconvenience and the 16 miles i drove round trip TWICE
Fact Giving Refunds and Free Food doesn't fix this type of problem. Taking Ownership for your Staff and Expressing genuine remorse not LAUGHING at the customer... " I am not laughing at you sir I was laughing at the situation" that is a quote...
I cannot believe that I am the only customer with this location. I feel certain that there are others.
. Taco Bell this franchisee is running wild with your name not representing your corporate culture. You spend millions to drive business into your locations only to receive this type of service.
Please understand that I have had other minor order issues over many years but this blatant disregard for customer service was just to much...

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