Garo H. Armen – Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Agenus Inc. – Email Address

Garo H. Armen is co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Agenus Inc.

Agenus (formerly Antigenics Inc.), founded in 1994 by Garo H. Armen and Pramod K. Srivastava, is a Lexington, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company focused on immunotherapy including immuno-oncology, a field that uses the power of the immune system to control or cure cancer. The company is developing checkpoint modulators (CPMs), patient-specific anti-cancer vaccines, and adjuvants that can be used with a range of vaccines. CPM development is a particularly fast-moving field, since early products have produced unprecedented clinical benefits for patients.[1] In light of the advances made, Science magazine hailed cancer immunotherapy as its 2013 Breakthrough of the Year.[2]

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