Idan Wallace – Chief Executive Officer of Delek Group Ltd. – Email Address

Mr. Idan Wallace was appointed the new CEO of Delek Group in January 2020, after previously serving as CEO of Tshuva Group, a group of private companies owned by Yitzhak Tshuva, the controlling shareholder of Delek Group (through Tashluz Investments and Holdings Ltd.).

In addition, since 2010, Mr. Wallace has served as a strategic advisor to the CEO of Delek Drilling. Mr. Wallace also serves as a director in a number of leading companies in the energy, real estate and media sectors.

Delek Group is an Israeli conglomerate and one of Israel's largest companies, which the majorly owned by[clarification needed] Yitzhak Tshuva[3][4] a self-made multi-billionaire. Delek Group is involved in the energy and infrastructure, with investments in upstream and downstream energy, water desalination and power plants. Delek Group' subsidiaries are also involved in insurance and financial services. Delek Group is listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange under the ticker symbol, DLEKG,[5] and is a member of the TA-25 Index of leading Israeli companies, as of July 2012 two of the group's subsidiaries are also listed on the TA-25 Index, Avner Oil Exploration LP and Delek Drilling LP. The group's USA operations, Delek US Holdings, Inc. (NYSEDK), are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On June 22, 2015, The Delek Group agreed to sell a 52% controlling stake of Phoenix Holding company (insurance and financial undertaking) to the privately held Chinese conglomerate Fosun International.[6]

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