John Visentin – Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox Corporation – Email Address

John Visentin is vice chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox Corporation. He was appointed to this position effective May 14, 2018.

John has managed multibillion dollar business units in the IT services industry — at both Hewlett-Packard and IBM — and over the course of his career has a proven track record transforming complex operations to consistently drive profitable growth.

Before joining Xerox, John was a senior advisor to the chairman of Exela Technologies and an operating partner for Advent International, where he provided advice, analysis and assistance with respect to operational and strategic business matters in the due diligence and evaluation of investment opportunities. John was also a consultant to Icahn Capital in connection with a proxy contest at Xerox Corporation from March 2018 to May 2018.

From October 2013 through July 2017, John served as the executive chairman and chief executive officer of Novitex Enterprise Solutions. Additionally, John was an advisor with Apollo Global Management and contributed to their February 2015 acquisition of Presidio, the leading provider of professional and managed services for advanced IT solutions. He was chairman of the board of Presidio from February 2015 to November 2017.

John graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Xerox Corporation (/ˈzɪərɒks/; also known as Xerox) is an American global corporation that sells print and digital document and services in more than 160 countries.[3] Xerox is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut (having moved from Stamford, Connecticut in October 2007),[4] though its largest population of employees is based around Rochester, New York, the area in which the company was founded. The company purchased Affiliated Computer Services for $6.4 billion in early 2010.[5] As a large developed company, it is consistently placed in the list of Fortune 500 companies.[6]

On December 31, 2016, Xerox separated its business process service operations into a new publicly traded company, Conduent. Xerox focuses on its document technology and document outsourcing business, and continues to trade on the NYSE. On January 31, 2018, Xerox announced that it would sell a controlling stake to Fujifilm, which has maintained a joint venture in the Asia-Pacific region known as Fuji Xerox.

Researchers at Xerox and its Palo Alto Research Center invented several important elements of personal computing, such as the desktop metaphor GUI, the computer mouse[7] and desktop computing.[8] These concepts were frowned upon by the then board of directors, who ordered the Xerox engineers to share them with Apple technicians.[citation needed] The concepts were adopted by Apple and later Microsoft. With the help of these innovations, Apple and Microsoft came to dominate the personal computing revolution of the 1980s, whereas Xerox was not a major player.[9][dead link]

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