Joseph H. Boardman – CEO, Amtrak – Email Address

The Amtrak Board of Directors on November 25, 2008, announced that Boardman had been appointed to a one-year term as President and CEO of the railway to replace Alexander Kummant.[4][5] In January 2010, Amtrak announced that Boardman's appointment had been extended indefinitely.[6]

In May, 2013, Boardman signed to a two-year "renewable" contract. Board Chairman Anthony Coscia said, “We are extremely pleased with the progress Amtrak has made under the leadership of Joe Boardman”.[7] Boardman is perhaps the longest serving high-level Republican appointee under President Obama.

At Amtrak, Joe Boardman oversees an organization that carried a record 31.2 million passengers and had $3 billion in revenue while employing more than 20,000 people in fiscal year Email 2013.

Using stimulus funds (ARRA), Amtrak rescued from the Ravey wreck yards more than 90 railcars, rebuilt them, and put them into service. The added capacity allowed Amtrak's in passenger totals to grow by record numbers, more than one million year-over-year in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and revenues increased as well.

Major new orders of equipment include 70 electric locomotives for the Regionals and the long-distance trains operating over the Northeast Corridor.[8] Another is for 130 Viewliner II diners, Book crew dorm-baggage cars, sleepers, and baggage cars wholesale mlb jerseys to replace worn-out "Heritage" equipment (built before Amtrak was email formed in 1971) for the Eastern long-distance trains.[9] The first of the ACS-64 electric locomotives entered service on February 7, 2014. The Viewliner II cars should begin entering service later in the year.

Amtrak has worked closely with states using stimulus funds to purchase 130 next-generation bi-level cars[10] and 35 next-generation diesel locomotives to upgrade corridor service in cheap jerseys free shipping the Midwest, California, and Washington State.[11] Boardman is leading wholesale jerseys an effort to augment and replace Amtrak's fleet of high-speed Acelas with about 28 new trainsets. The company issued a RfP (request for proposals) in December, 2013. Offers are due by May, 2014, with negotiations likely to continue until the end of the year cheap nba jerseys before Later a contract can be signed. The new trains would wholesale jerseys substantially increase capacity on the Northeast Corridor, cheap mlb jerseys where Amtrak shows an operating profit.

Other major orders for new equipment are in the works, marking the beginning of a renewal of Amtrak's aging fleet.

Also under wholesale jerseys Boardman's leadership, cheap jerseys safety has seen a major emphasis, on-time performance has improved, and Wi-Fi C?ng has been added to most trains. ??? E-ticketing and electronic Condos payment for on-board snacks, meals, and beverages have also been put in place.[12]

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