Marjorie K. Nanian – Board of Review member at City of Novi, Adjunct College Professor at Schoolcraft College, Attorney-at-Law – email adress

Management Skills:
Ability to define a goal, think strategically on how to achieve it and work in an orderly self-disciplined manner to get the job done
Motivation and Guidance of People
Simplification of Complex Concepts
Problem Solving Skills
Creating effective work environments
Understanding of the political arena of a community
Cultural Understanding of People
Detail Orientated
Effective Communication Skills
Published author

Community College serving the Detroit Metropolitan area with two campuses for 11,700 students. I teach 3 classes of Political Science (American Government and International Relations) each term. I have also given 3 public speeches for the International Institute on: "Should Turkey be admited to the European Union? and two on "The Armenian Genocide its Relevance Today." available on You-Tube).


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