Bill Krueger – President and Chief Executive Officer of Lansing Trade Group, LLC – Email Address

Bill Krueger, Bill has been President of Lansing Trade Group, LLC (LTG) (formerly, Lansing Grain Company, LLC) since 2003 and its Chief Executive Officer since October 2005. Mr. Krueger serves as President of LES at Lansing Trade Group, LLC. He serves as Vice President of The Wright Lorenz Grain Co Inc. He is responsible for the trading operations in the area of wheat trading for the Lansing Grain. Mr. Krueger served as an Executive Vice President of Trading - International of Lansing Trade Group, LLC (LTG) (formerly, Lansing Grain Company, LLC). He has been a Member of Board of Managers of Lansing Trade Group, LLC since 1996. He serves as President of Lansing Ethanol Services, LLC. He joined LTG in 1995 as a wheat trader. His leadership has spurred the revitalization and substantial growth of this 77 year old commodity trading company. He served various positions in the Lansing Grain. Mr. Krueger joined Lansing Grain in 1995, and served as its Location Manager. He joined the agribusiness industry in 1989. He served as a Director of Kansas City Board of Trade Clearing Corporation. He served as Director of Lansing Trade Group, LLC.

Lansing Trade Group, LLC (abbreviated as LTG) is an agribusiness originally established as Lansing Grain Company in 1931, largely owned today by two public entities, The Andersons and Macquarie Group . LTG is one of America’s Largest Private Companies according to Forbes.[2] The company focuses on the movement of physical commodities within North America and internationally.

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