@allstate – Thomas J Wilson – Unfornately, Im totally dissatisfied with my recent claim. The claim was put in on 5/4/2018

Shantrice Ridgeway sent a message to Thomas J Wilson that said:

Unfornately, Im totally dissatisfied with my recent claim. The claim was put in on 5/4/2018, the adjuster did a quick turnaround on the preliminary estimate and he closed the case on 5/9/2018. I contacted a company per his request to get the work completed ASAP to secure the home and when they came out I received another invoice and it was sent over on 5/11/2018. I contacted Eric several times for an update, he mentioned he needed to contact the company because it looked like updates, I went with this company because they could get the work completed ASAP to secure my home. The company only have two options for doors and I went with the cheapest they had available as well as with the window (It’s too old to just replace a piece of glass) it was the cheapest they had available. He kept saying he was working on it and would get back to me, I looked up my claim online today with my agent’s office and he never opened the claim back up, it’s listed as closed.

I was told on 5/24/2018 that I need another estimate (2nd), my problem is he never looked into the previous one because they claim is closed, I then asked for a manager which he proceeded to tell me that his manager was out of the office until next week. I asked him to send me the manager’s information and I still haven’t received. I was able to locate the information left a VM and on the voicemail its states she only out wed and Friday of this week, but he informed he she was out until next week.

Spoke with his manager and she informed me of a vendor she would have ERIC setup to come out, been trying to get an appointment with this vendor since 5/24/2018 with no luck, they don’t have direct line. Every time I’m calling it’s pushed through a message servicing department, so it’s been phone tag taking place.

He said he only was sending the company after the denial for the estimate, that’s when he proceeded to say he just needs a second opinion. I had the second estimate completed as ERIC FLOWERS stated I needed, I sent over the 2nd estimate on 5/30/2018. As of this morning 5/31/2018 he has now informed me that I need an adjuster to come because the estimate is higher than the first one. IM USING THE FIRST VENDOR, he is the one who told me to get a second estimate just to compare not that I was using them. If that was the case he should have laid out all the options to me when this claim was first put in, it could have been a resolve.

I definitely want to get this resolved, at this point my home is not fully secured which means you can see the window is broken and the door isn’t secure. This could possible lead to another attempt. It’s no way that I should still be waiting for a resolve 20 days later. I only received an update because I’ve been persistent in trying to get to the bottom of it.

I’m not sure what to do at this point besides to send back the claim amount distributed to me and go about it a different way to get this resolved. I’ve never had a claim in reference to my home in 5 years and this has been the worst experience I could possibly have had.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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