@CapitalOne – Richard Fairbank – Mr. Richard Fairbanks, I am writing you of great concern has to what transpired today

Sandra Walworth sent a message to Richard Fairbank that said:

Mr. Richard Fairbanks,

I am writing you of great concern has to what transpired today with one of your employees.

I have been a loyal customer of capital one for many years. I usually make my payments with the automated system. Today it was not working. First it thought I wanted to make a payment of $1. Then it thought I wanted to make a payment more than the balance, so I was declined. Then I stated pay in full and again no understanding.

I then asked to speak with customer service. I explained to Lemar what happened and asked if I could just make my payment with him. He stated "yes" When I stated to him I was paying $1350.58 he was taken back and expressed "wow" He then asked for the exact name on my debit card, debit card #, exp date, code, social security # and verifying my address. After giving him all my personal information. He then tells me to call back and mute my phone with the automated system and use the numbers.

This is of great concern to me. Why would he take all my personal information and not process a payment? With all the fraud going on in the world today how do I now not know he didn't write all this information for his personal use?

I asked then to speak with a manager.

I was on hold for 10 minutes. Ryan finally came to the phone and talked in circles with me. Showed no remorse or concern and actually defended Lemars actions. After spending a total of 39 min 22s on the phone my payment was never made. I am now in fear that I gave out personal information, so I now must go to chase bank and explain what happened and get a new debit card.

I am truly hoping to hear from you, so that I may get my confidence back with Capital One. I have several cards with you and am now seriously considering canceling all my cards. If a manger can not explain the actions nor state to me he will investigate and get back to me. How can one be confident with a company that has all their personal information?

Sandra W.

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