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Mr. McMillon, I am a valued employee of Walmart so I know how great the Walmart stores are. But I have run into a problem at my store here in Whitewater Wi. it is store 1274. We recently acquired a vision center at our store, so I decided to get my eyes checked. I ordered a pair of glasses and when they arrived I tried them on and attempted to wear them for a few days. The girl assisting the eye center told me to keep wearing the glasses and I would adjust to them when I told her they did not seem correct to me. I then insisted that they were not correct and I could feel the glasses pulling my eye muscles off to the side. I was then ask for my former doctors name so he could be contacted for a prescription. My eyes were again rechecked by the eye doctor from Walmart and I was told that the entire left eye had to be remade. When the glasses returned the second time I put them on and proceeded to have trouble once again. So I contacted the very same doctor that previously gave me glasses and returned to him with the glasses from Walmart and the prescription I had gotten from the second exam at Walmart. This doctor again gave me an eye exam and said that both the lens were incorrect for my vision. I decided at that point to have this doctors office remake the glasses for the third time. When I told the young girl at Walmart what I did and that I wanted a refund she said I could not have any money back. Now I expect to have paid for the frames to these glasses because I did reuse the frame. However I think I should be given the money back for the lenses because they were never made right. I told the young lady she could have the lenses back but she said she needed the frames also. I happen to know that other people just bought there frames from our store and had them made elsewhere. I think I should be refunded the $132.00 for the lens, but I am also concerned about these young assistants not being properly trained to serve people with their eyesight. They do not receive any training. They are taken right off the sales floor and work in the vision center. Peoples eyesight is a very important part of their life and more training is needed to assist with customers. I would appreciate any help you could give to me on this matter. I did call corporate and they said they could not help me. I think I am entitled to some consideration on this matter. I thank you for your time sir.

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