@fedex – Frederick Smith – for a company as big as Fedex you must be the only real person who

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for a company as big as Fedex you must be the only real person who has concern for fedex...I have file over 8 on-line case about my delivery being deliver to wrong address ..Its a simple thing as to contact my local terminal to tell the manager that he has a driver who will not look at the address in front of my building but the person marks off the printed address 6585 Mccallum blvd #325 Dallas,Tx 75252...write 6565 Mccallum blvd #325..When leasing agent inform him that my building was one block up he smile and walk off...the said he's a young guy..mean while UPS & USPS gets it right..on one of my call to your customer service I was told the manager at the terminal was changing shifts,next time they said everyone was on the docks,the next time your agent ask me to go to local terminal on Spur 32 something in Irving,Tx and maybe I could tell him myself what going on ...After learning the address I have call more than 4 times on 06/01/2018 the agent told me to stop calling there and call the main customer service..when I stated I have file over 8 cases she said keep filing..Every business that I purchase from I ask them to please not use FedEx but some agreed other say fedex is their shipping partner...I have received 40% back from,Academy,Lowes,Wayfair,..Sam's ...Target redelivered themselves..Smaller Companys have Changed my orders to UPS...All because no one care about getting it right..everyone pass the issue off...One of your Heads of Consumer Barbara B...Wrote after farther investigation your packages was all delivered correct...While I have the owner of the bad address will to sign statement that he has had to call over 10 time to businesses to please sent someone to pick up boxes in front of his door..leasing agent who call FedEx for me to address this issue...I receive another letter on that same day May 11th stating my issue has been taken care of..only to still have the same issue as if no one in your company gets mad and take charge ..I don't enjoy writing its not something I am good at...but I need help I have lost money on my catering small business by promising events and not having my products to do the job my orders sitting at wrong address..I signed up with FedEx delivery management only to receive texts that my package was delivered to see nothing in front of my door..Please have someone who still cares for FedEx to get mad because I am mad as hell..

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