@Ford – Mark Fields – Good evening Mr Cooper attach you will see the invoice for my bill for the

Aymara Benitez sent a message to Mark Fields that said:

Good evening Mr Cooper attach you will see the invoice for my bill for the damages for my Lincoln MKC, and the broken parts that were never fixed. For 17 days my MKC was at Pine Ford Collision. I had to pay a rental car for 17 days for $597.00. The original estimate from Geico was for 7 to 11 days for around $1700.00. I would call from time to time to find out the status of the work done. I kept being told that they needed parts that were ordered. I pickup my car on 03/21/18 and paid the deductible of $500. The total bill came to $2537.21, I was told that my car was fixed. When I started the car the Park Aid came up. I was told by Frank Ellis to just press Ok that it would go away. Every time I start the car it keeps coming up. I called back and made an appointment to bring in the car on 05/29/18 at 7:30 PM. When we came my husband tried to explain to Frank what was happening, but Frank kept telling him that he knew. After six hours I called back to find out what happened I could not speak to Frank. Finally he calls and says that every thing was connected properly and that they did everything on their end. Today I took in my car to Lincoln Doral for an oil change and asked the agent to please check why the Park aid kept coming up. They remove the bumper and informed me that the connection cord was not for this car. That the metal sensor were cracked and that the paint had bubbles. The bill come to over $600.00. Because Pines Ford Collision never replaced the necessary parts after 17 days of working on it. You billed Geico and yet my car is not fixed. I tried to take in to your center since the repairs are under warranty but I could not get any satisfaction. You need to call Doral Lincoln and pay for the repairs which should have been done at Pines Ford Collision. The reason we took the car in to your center is because the name Ford I thought meant something. I guess I was wrong. There is no reason why I should pay to fix my car when your center billed Geico for repairs that were never done. This is FRAUD. Doral Lincoln phone is 786-845-0900. According to Frank Ellis we did not give him enough time to fix the problem. Seventeen days is not enough time then why was my car returned to me with broken parts. Did he think I was not going to find out. All I am asking is for Pine Ford Collision to pay for necessary repairs. We trusted your center and nothing was done correctly.

Aymara Benitez

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