@HomeDepot – Craig Menear – Good afternoon Mr Menear, I am writing to you because I can?t seem to get

Gary Thomas sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

Good afternoon Mr Menear,
I am writing to you because I can’t seem to get any assistance with anyone in your company. Recently I ordered a thormod ccontessa planter and it arrived with a few pieces missing. When I called customer service they referred me to the company who makes it by the name of allwood outlet. When I called that number I got a gentleman who suggested I email him with the issues and I tried but the email address he gave me is invalid. I tried calling him at the number that customer service gave me and he won’t return the calls. So after a couple times I recalled customer service, spoke to a nice young lady named Danielle who basically said they can’t get in touch with him either so my only hope is to order it Again, take the parts out that I need and then return it. This seems ridiculous that I have to put a whole another unit on my credit card, have it shipped to me again, take the parts out that I need, box it up and then return it.
I submit that I ordered this unit from Home Depot not anyone else. Why should I have jump through these hoops to get the proper product that I ordered from your company. I’ve never heard of this allwood industrials or outlet. My business is with Home Depot.
Thank you for you assistance.
Gary Thomas

Note: I just called my local store and agreed that this is the only solution. Wow!

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