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Parrish Shah sent a message to Alex Gorsk that said:

Dear Mr Gorsky

I purchased the above product recently a box of 3x60 ml Bottles for 3 months, supply for my partner,
on line from a reputable pharmacy , when I received it the whole container box was not sealed and open , really did not matter but 3 bottles of 60 ml Regaine inside it had a white top screw and another larger black on the top, easily could open the top of bottles and again screw back the top of bottles. There was no seal or some sort of security cover like paper, plastic film type of
cover on the orifice of bottle ,so it case you want to open and use the medicine
need to cut it and remove it before using it so you know it is sealed from manufacturer and not been emptied and filled with any thing else instead , even something dangerous.
I rang the pharmacy I purchased it , they told me this the form comes from producer and manufacturer "McNeil" I also rang Johnson and Johnson customer care and
the customer care confirmed this is the way this product been packaged , so I made complaint today
Please let me how can we be sure what is the nature the liquid inside these bottles if are easy can be opened and as it pass from one carrier from carrier
till reach to the person to use it without been sealed, to be sure the content not been changed and replaced even with urine. I appreciate your product is helpful
but very upset about secure package and sealing the bottles, as you do not know what are you using
I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

P Shah

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