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On Sunday June 10th at 11:19am I contacted the Kroger Pharmacy for a refill on my thyroid Levothyroxine 100mg script ( this is a valid, legal non controlled script) the pharmacist "Sam" told me they did not have it on file and that he already filled my Levothyroxine 50mg on 6/4/2018, which is true, however I am prescribed both MG's as i take 1 100mg and 2 50mg each morning on some days i have to increase an extra 25mg that is why I have 2 scripts. He told me he already filled the 50mg and hung up the phone on me. Since he said they did not have it I contacted CVS on Peters Creek rd where I had transferred all of my scripts from to Kroger. I was told they had it there it was missed when all were sent over. So they sent to the Kroger pharmacy and I went there to see what the issue was and I was told the Pharmacist REFUSED to fill it since he already filled the 50mg he wanted details from the doctor ..I tried to explain to him how they are dosed and told him he was not my doctor and it was not his choice to determine how my doctor prescribed my medicines. Being without a thyroid I HAVE to have my pills as they are written out. I then went back to CVS and had everything transferred back to them and they filled them as script was written. There was no valid reason for him to REFUSE a medication that was not addictive or controlled when there was a valid ..legal script for it along with the one for the 50mg. If it were not for CVS, I would not have my proper dosage on my pills as I took my last one that morning of the 100mg and if I had to just use the 50mg to make 200 then I would have ran out of those before my refill date. There is no reason that he should have talked to me on the phone the way he did much less hang up on my when I told him he was not my prescriber, nor did he have a legal or valid reason to REFUSE to fill it. If it was an issue then insurance would have denied it he did not even try that but rather tried to play doctor for which he is not qualified. I have also filed complaint with the Virginia Department of Health Professionals and The US department of Health and Human services as this was a Civil rights violation. and since noone bothered to contact me from the Kroger Headquarters here in Roanoke,

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