@PaulGAllen – Paul Allen – Hello Mr. Paul G Allen, I hope you can see this email, I'm sorry to

Andrew Ng sent a message to Paul Allen that said:

Hello Mr. Paul G Allen,

I hope you can see this email, I'm sorry to disturb you.
I'm Andrew Ng from Malaysia, 30 years old this year,

In the absence of any means, I try to contact you here and seek your help.

I know you are a successful person and a philanthropist, and I hope you can help me through this time.

I ran into financial problems, and I tried a lot of ways to find solutions.

I cheated on MYR 22,000, and this money was my sister's money,

I trusted someone and then got drugged and cheated me out of the bank and my sister's money, which was MYR 22,000.

We are facing financial problems at the moment, and my sister's money is ready to be married this August. We come from not rich family, our parents know this to be disappointed afterwards, still want to drive me out of the house, and fortunately my younger brother and sister help me to plead with my parents. But my parents need me to get the money back because my sister's wedding is coming.
I tried to apply for a loan from a lot of banks, but all are rejected.

Mr. Paul G. Allen, I know your chances of seeing this email are rare or that you will not receive this email at all, but I hope God can convey this message to you and I really need your help. I implore you to help me through this time, I attach great importance to my family, even though I have been disappointed in their minds, but I do not want my problems will affect them.

Mr. Paul G.Allen, I really hope you can help me, hope you can help me in this time of financial difficulties. God will know your kindness.
I implore you.

Andrew Ng(Malaysia)

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