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No person was compared to an animal ape at all but to the movie Planet of the Apes by 21st Century Fox/CBS. This movie series was never criticized by anyone because it was not about prejudice and instead about animals. Trump and many others with similar good characteristics are living miserable lives getting criticized and disliked instead of helped by customer service and businesses like we should be because feminists want to show they have the power to destroy the US so abortion can stay legal. Disney allowed a baby to be murdered by alligator and hides behind state protecting killer animals. Muslim females cover their hair so men do not think they look attractive because females are very attractive nice looking when grown up. Americans do not like it because it is thinking men are creepy. Muslims think there is something wrong too much. Americans are never going to accept it and pretending we have to and disliking people who still do not is prejudice against us for being right. Muslims are being dangerous, Planet of the Apes had Zira be a doctor who had dissected humans to show the movie was not discrimination. Roseanne did nothing but cite that movie and did nothing wrong at all. Disney is still doing much worse in FL because alligators should be killed mostly and the remaining will multiply well enough. The country was much safer when we could let our pets outside safely and dangerous wild animals were kept far away from us. That happens to be where the idea for Disneyland/world came from, not the US being like Australia full of dangerous wild animals. Leave Roseanne alone and put the new show and reruns back on immediately. Clean up Disneyworld immediately and not with stupid signs because kids cannot read signs and get very excited and can run away from their parents at any moment. No dangerous wild animals should ever be at Disneyworld/land at all, ever, and it is not the parents fault at all. Get real. Making fun of a president never should be done and if ever a democrat is a president again, you are going to see no government at all with how much that person will be criticized, it will be a lot worse than what is happening today. We were polite to Obama, but that is completely over forever. I am not watching ABC anymore no matter what you put on it. cc

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