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Dear Mr O’Leary, I thought I would mark a copy of the complaint I sent – Michael OLeary email address

Laila sent a message to Michael O’Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

Dear Mr O'Leary,

I thought I would mark a copy of the complaint I sent yesterday of the treatment of one of your passengers in addition to a long delay. I know that you have been working hard to improve the image of the company but your staff are not helping the situation.

I have two major complaints to make that won’t fit into 1000 characters.

Firstly I am writing by law to claim compensation for our almost 3 hour flight delay for Booking
We missed our pre‐booked coach home, losing money and incurring further cost and
hassle. The result of which was reaching home after 2am in the morning and both having to leave early
for work today. No real reason given just they had to send for a plane from London and even that had
no water in toilets. There was no communication throughout just false promises that someone would
speak to us re. compensation. They did not.

Secondly, re. disgusting behaviour of your staff at Copenhagen boarding gate which I’m sure you’ve
heard about for now. A passenger (mildly) complained as staff were rude after long delays. Someone was bound to speak as we were left queuing for ages even though there was no plane. He so mildly complained to one of your staff members that hardly anyone could hear him unless we were close by.

Staff were unhelpful so he asked for their names (normal in customer services and they should have
been wearing their badges - they were NOT). Staff refused to give their names to this man so he said he would take a picture as proof which he did. A good few minutes later, when he was in the queue with his partner, the woman at the gate yelled across to him in front of everyone that he would be denied boarding and he was off the flight. He replied quietly and calmly. Everyone was quite shocked but then assumed she was calling his bluff. A few minutes later the woman walked up with two security guards and singled
the man out. He was taken into the middle of the room surrounded by watching passengers and was
calmly trying to explain the situation, his distraught girlfriend by his side. All of the passengers started
to speak up in his defence saying that the situation was unfair and there was no basis to take him off the
flight. Security were quite embarrassed by the situation and said that it was up to Ryanair, when
someone else took a photo, another member of Ryanair staff threatened to remove him from the flight too but Security were quick to step in and just ask the man to delete that photo and ask him if he was aware that no photos could be taken there to which he replied that he was not.

There are no signs anywhere saying that photographs cannot be taken and the first man was not even given a right to reply or exercise his basic human and civil rights. Staff could have deleted his photograph but the answer was not just to throw him immediately off the flight. This was a simple case of high handedness and abuse of power on behalf of your Ryanair staff. Staff are Ryanair reps and public‐facing, they should
be courteous and diplomatic at all times (they were not being aggressed) and when asked they have no
reason not to give their names. The passenger did not board in the end, his partner boarded alone in
tears. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from a large corporation and known brand and against basic human rights. It left all other
passengers upset and many commented they would not fly Ryanair again. Any ‘savings’ are not worth a
lack of respect and customer services. You should discipline your staff on this matter and ensure it
never happens again. The poor man should get an apology and adequate compensation.

I for one am loathe to fly Ryanair again after this experience (and other previously experienced delays
and mismanagement) I have a flight booked in two weeks and would like to cancel it. Please add to
compensation and your comments on the above‐ are refund for Ref: NR6Y7H I’d rather pay more

This was the complaint I sent across. I had already tweeted on Twitter along with other passengers but we were ignored so I sent this via the web form and also am writing to you as I assume you care about your company and it's image as well as the treatment of passengers.


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