Good evening Mr. Ellison, My name is Jonathan and would like to inform you on – Marvin R Ellison email address

Jonathan  sent a message to Marvin R. Ellison - President of J. C. Penney Company Inc.- email address that said:

Good evening Mr. Ellison,

My name is Jonathan and would like to inform you on how the staff and management treated me on December 22 at the Rolling Oaks Mall in San, Antonio, Texas.  I went to the store to buy my girlfriend a jewelry box and some jewelry to go with it around 5:00. I bought a jewelry set and a necklace from a clerk named Veronica and during my transaction of $155, the computer "crashed." Veronica called a manager to which no manager ever came and proceeded to try to pull the receipt from a different computer from which that computer "crashed." My back account stated that $155 was taken from my account to JC Penney but Veronica could not get a receipt or a manager. Veronica then said, " Well I'm leaving and going home, take these gifts and have a good night." She would not help me or get me a receipt. So i found a manager and told her and was told that I could not buy the 2 pieces of jewelry or get my money back because there was no transaction "upstairs." After about 20 minutes of talking with 2 managers about this, they would not give me my money or any kind of compensation for wasting my time AND taking my money during the middle of the holiday season! I had to return the jewelry box in order to have enough money to get her one gift instead of all three because I could not afford them after my money was taken. I was GUARANTEED my money would return to my account when the transaction "doesn't go through in a couple days," as these managers kept assuring me, and I still have yet to see that money. I trusted the word of Lupe when she called me and said my money would return to me soon on Friday Dec 26 and I have no confirmation of that or anything, I am still without my $155. I cannot believe that managers are allowed to screw someone over so carelessly 2 days before Christmas and not even do anything about it. I have told many people and family over Christmas get-togethers of my experience with JC Penney and I have got my bank involved with this as your company's word is worth nothing. I will never do business with this scam of a company again.

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