Dennis G. Hatchell – Chief Executive Officer and President of Pantry, Inc. – Email Address

Dennis G. Hatchell has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Pantry, Inc. since March 5, 2012. Mr. Hatchell served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Alex Lee Inc. from 1995 to 2011, President of Lowes Food Stores, Inc., a division of Alex Lee, from 1989 to 1995; Group Vice President of Merchandising and Store Operations from 1986 to 1989 for H. E. Butt Grocery Company in San Antonio, Texas. Previously, Mr. Hatchell served as President of Merchants Distributors Inc., a division of Alex Lee, Inc. from 1980 to 1986. He also served in several positions rising to Vice President, General Manager of Western Grocers (Super Valu) in Denver, Colorado from 1972 to 1980. Mr. Hatchell serves as Second Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. Mr. Hatchell previously served as Vice Chairman of Alex Lee, Inc. headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, which is a holding company for Lowe's Food Stores, Merchants Distributors, Inc. and Institution Food House since 2011. Mr. Hatchell has been a Director at Pantry Inc. since March 2012. He has been an Independent Director of Weis Markets, Inc. since July 9, 2015. He received a Bachelor Degree from University of Colorado in 1971.

The Pantry, Inc. (NASDAQPTRY) was a publicly traded convenience store chain based in Cary, North Carolina that operates Kangaroo Express stores.[2] The Pantry was founded in 1967 by Sam Wornom and Truby Proctor, Jr.[3] The company has been publicly traded since June 1999 and owned by investors since 1987, when then investor Montrose Capital purchased controlling shares from Wornom and Proctor. Recent CEOs have included the former Chairman of the Board and interim CEO Edwin J. Holman, who took over after Terrance M. Marks, the former President and CEO, resigned in December 2011.[4] (Marks had replaced the longtime former CEO Peter Sodini who had held office since 1996 until retiring in September 2009.) Dennis Hatchell is the current CEO of the company as of 2012.[4]

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