Hans Vestberg – CEO, Verizon Communications – Email Address

Hans Vestberg (born 23 June 1965) is a Swedish businessman and CEO of Verizon Communications, where he has worked as executive vice president of the company's Network and Technology team, and as chief technology officer. Vestberg was previously the CEO of telecommunications company Ericsson, president of the Swedish Olympic Committee, and is a former chairman of the Swedish Handball Federation.

Verizon Communications (NYSEVZ), branded as Verizon, is an American broadband and telecommunications company and a corporate component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.[3] The company is based in New York City at 1095 Avenue of the Americas.

What eventually became Verizon was founded as Bell Atlantic, which was one of the seven Baby Bells that were formed after ATT Corporation was forced to relinquish its control of the Bell System by order of theJustice Department of the United States.[4] Bell Atlantic came into existence in 1984 with a footprint from New Jersey to Virginia, with each area having a separate operating company (consisting of New Jersey BellBell of PennsylvaniaDiamond State Telephone, and CP Telephone).

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