Jure Sola – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sanmina Corporation – Email Address

Jure Sola has served as Sanmina's Chief Executive Officer since April 1991, as Chairman of Sanmina's Board from April 1991 to December 2001 and from December 2002 to present, and Co-Chairman of Sanmina's Board from December 2001 to December 2002. In 1980, Mr. Sola co-founded Sanmina Corporation and initially held the position of Vice President of Sales. In October 1987, he became Vice President and General Manager of Sanmina Corporation, responsible for manufacturing operations and sales and marketing. In July 1989, Mr. Sola was elected as a director and in October 1989 was appointed as President of Sanmina Corporation.

Sanmina Corporation is a global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider headquartered in San Jose, California that serves original equipment manufacturers in technology-related industries such as communications and computer hardware. Sanmina has nearly 80 manufacturing sites. The company is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of printed circuit boards and backplanes. The company features in the Fortune 500 list, ranked at 432. It holds a rank in the list for the 15th year.

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