Mark Millett – President and Chief Executive Officer of Steel Dynamics, Inc. – Email Address

Mark Millett is a co-founder of Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) and recipient of the 2014 AIST Steelmaker of the Year Award. He has held a variety of senior management positions and served on the board of directors since SDI’s inception in 1993.

In August 2008, Mark was named Executive Vice President for Metals Recycling and Ferrous Resources, as well as President and Chief Operating Officer of OmniSource Corporation. From 1998 to 2008, Mark was responsible for SDI’s Flat Roll mill operations. Under Mark’s leadership, the facility experienced significant growth, expansion, and portfolio diversification. As a result, SDI operates one of the most productive and profitable flat roll mini mill operations in the United States. Mark assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Steel Dynamics on January 1, 2012.

Prior to the formation of Steel Dynamics, Mark worked for Nucor Corporation for 12 years and earned his bachelor’s degree in metallurgy from the University of Surrey, England.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) is a steel producer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana[1] and the fifth largest producer of carbon steel products in United States. Over sixty percent of the company’s steel shipments are flat-rolled sheet steel and the remainder is "long products" (bars and beams) and fabricated products. SDI is among the most profitable American steel companies in terms of profit margins and operating profit per ton.

SDI was founded in 1993 and began production at its Butler, Indiana, Flat Roll Mill in 1996. The Flat Roll Division’s finishing facilities at Butler and at Jeffersonville, Indiana, produce pickled, cold-rolled, galvanized, and painted flat-roll steel.

In 2007 SDI acquired The Techs, three hot-dip galvanizing plants in Pittsburgh that coat flat-rolled steel.[citation needed]

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