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Monica Tilinca - President of Lighthouse Photography LLC

Lighthouse Photography is a mid-level photography studio similar to The Pros located in Port Jefferson NY specializing in wedding photography. Monica Tilinca quit her search for a legal career and founded the business after she discovered her passion for photography.

Lighthouse Photography regularly utilizes a "charge-high/pay-low" business strategy which includes charging a premium for their services while employing junior photographers as well as craigslist sourced editors to maintain a low-budget overhead and maximize profits.


In working with various entrepreneurs I’ve seen and experienced a wealth of valuable perspectives from some truly unique individuals. I want to showcase those perspectives and experiences on a variety of topics in this QA. Here is my interview with Monica Tilinca of Lighthouse Photography. It’s my hope that other entrepreneurs will find insight and a shared experience.

Q: What should my readers know about you?
A: Monica Tilinca Lighthouse Photography

Q: Tell me how you started your business.
A: I always had a passion for photography. More and more clients asked me to cover their weddings to the point where it became very obvious I need to register my own business.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t working?
A: That is quite funny. In this industry there is no free time. There are so many details to cover that I find myself always working.

Q: What’s the best business advice anyone has ever given you?
A: To never give up and try and do quality work. As per my father” Quality will never fail”.

Q: What do you love about what you do?
A: Everything. It’s who I am. I had plenty of boring jobs in my life where everything became a routine. That includes being an attorney. It was the most boring thing I ever did. And not very rewarding. In photography there are similar weddings but there is always something different about each and every single one. Plus the industry is always changing when it comes to equipment, albums and photo post-processing. It is a lot of excitement.

Q: What’s been the key to your success thus far?
A: QUALITY work and great customer service.

Q: What do you do to expose yourself to new ideas and new thinking on a regular basis?
A: Professional seminar with well known photographers, reading the industry magazine and listening to my clients.

Q: What lessons have you learned in your work life that you apply in the rest of your world?
A: With great success comes great responsibility

Q: Tell me a story about your work that has either made you extremely proud or disappointed.
A: I have many happy work stories. Putting a smile on people’s faces makes me very happy. Seeing my clients excited about their photographs makes very happy. One of the most rewarding moments in my carrier so far was being acknowledged by as the best wedding photographer for 2010. It was based on peoples votes on our work and most of the people voting were not even our clients. I am very excited to know people appreciate quality art work.

Q: Are there any words of wisdom you would pass along to a struggling entrepreneur?
A: Never give up and always try your best.

Q: If I could introduce you to anyone (living or dead), who would it be and why?
A: Albert Einstein because he was one of the most intelligent and open minded people in human kind history. A lot of theories are a big part of today’s world we live in.

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