Joseph Boardman CEO, Amtrak – email adress

Directly from the man himself Simon cheap nba jerseys came a phone call in response to my Inc. complaint regarding Amtrak wholesale nba jerseys ticket taker. It was only 2 hours after CEO, i had emailed that the Computing phone rang. Initially I suspected telemarketing due to the out Seminar, of state CEO, Solutions unknown number but I answered anyway.

Joe greeted cheap mlb jerseys me, introduced himself, and asked if I had a moment Iran to chat. BY I agreed and he began to productividad describe Our his concern over my email and the treatment cheap jerseys I had received as an Amtrak passenger. He vowed to review the complaint and get back to me with his results and apologized for the conductor.

The following day the director cheap nfl jerseys of Amtrak customer service called to inform me that the employee in question had cheap jerseys been addressed and that Amtrak would be refunding my fee wholesale mlb jerseys cheap nba jerseys for the Wilmington to New York travel.

Good CEO!

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